Regional Honey

Geographical differences and rich flora in Turkey has resulted in a wide range of honey production, differing in taste and texture. Balparmak, the honey expert, gathered the most ideal tastes together in a Regional Honey series, as a result of a research covering 48 different regions. The honey produced in Şemdinli, Muş, Yüksekova, Kayseri and Bingöl, only from the nectar collected from the flowers in the open fields in these regions, were the preferences of expert taste buds, due their specific aromas and tastes.

Following a careful and comprehensive research, and scientific analyses determining accurately which honey was produced in which region, Balparmak Regional Honey series was released as an added value to the Turkish Cuisine, each with a characteristic taste and texture.

We present our regional honey carefully selected from natural delights in elegant containers, and offer them to you with inspiring tastes and aromas to transfer you over to new places of delights.

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