Balparmak is the main brand of Altıparmak Inc. which is established in 1980 for the processing, packaging and marketing of apiculture products. The primary brand Balparmak, became the leader with its competitive edge of persistent quality and supreme confidence in ten years time.

Honey packaging facilities are the largest in Turkey, with an annual processing capacity of 24,000 tons which is equivalent to the aggregate sales volume of all packaged honey in Turkey.

Balparmak products are packaged on 28,000m2 area under complete safety and high quality principles.

Balparmak runs the ISO 22000:2005 and BRC (British Retail Consortium) Food Safety Management Systems, as well as the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems.

The establishment of R&D (in 1986) and its expertise throughout years, made the department the most advanced lab in Turkey that ranks within the top four in Europe where 65 different parameters can be analyzed using organoleptic, chemical, analytical, microscopic and microbiological methods within modern technology and high capacity.

From plateaus in the central Anatolia, to the deep pine forests at the west coast, from high mountains in the eastern side, to the plain lands of the northwest, Balparmak has priority for the supply of the most distinguished honey from diverse regions where honey is produced. Besides, Balparmak is in a continuous and steady cooperation with nearly 10,000 beekeepers and over 100 honey suppliers from all these regions of Turkey.

Balparmak, aiming to become an international honey brand with its assured quality, has been exporting since 1994. Numerous European countries including Germany, UK and France, as well as USA are among the customers of bulk honey; and since 2004, branded and packaged product exports started under the HoneyBunch and Balparmak brand names.

Brief history of Altıparmak

Opened its first production facility in 1986, in Kucukyali, Istanbul. Started production and marketing of honey under Balparmak brand.

Established its first analysis lab in 1986. These days only Diastase and HMF can be performed. But now 65 different parameters can be analyzed.

Was the best-selling honey brand in 1989 with only 800 tons/year.

Moved to its new facilities in Cekmekoy, Istanbul, in 1994. The export activities started in the same year.

Has been selling its branded products in many European countries and the USA since 2003.

The honey analysis laboratory was improved in 2004, as one of the most modern labs in Europe; at the same year, represented Turkey in World Apiculture Association Symposium, realizing another "first." Altıparmak is also the first Turkish company that is granted membership of the Honey International Packers Association.

Altıparmak, leading the industry by realizing numerous "firsts", is the first honey brand in Turkey to develop its state of the art laboratory in 2006, with the attendance of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

The Balparmak brand, with its numerous national and international quality awards, is currently the largest player in the domestic market and one of the most important players in the international arena.


  • Honey International Packers Association (HIPA)
  • BALDER (Association of Honey Packers, Exporters and Industrialists) founding member. Moreover, Özen Altıparmak, Chairman of Altıparmak, is also currently chairing the association.
  • Food Safety Association (GGD)
  • Private-Label Association (PLAT)
  • International Honey Exporters Organization (IHEO)