Honeybana Balparmak

Ideal for the children's nutrition and energy needs.

Balparmak, the leading brand in the Turkish honey sector, aims at developing healthy and natural nutrition habits for the children, with its "Honeybana Balparmak" series of products, favored for development of the children.

Bearing the pictures of Disney characters from Winnie the Pooh, the Fairies and the Toy Story, the new Honeybana Balparmak series help the children to enjoy consuming the wholesome honey .

Honeybana Balparmak Pine Honey Extract blended from Yerkesik and Marmaris region honey, is offered in single packaging of 40 gr and in packs of three. Thus, the children can easily consume the honey everywhere, for breakfast, at school, in the playground, which will provide them with the necessary energy and will increase their body resistance.

Each child over 1 year needs to consume 1 gr honey per kilo, in order to support his/her physical development. As well as containing many vital substances such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the honey also supports cell and tissue building of the body.

Adding honey to milk for developing healthy nutrition habits for the children, helps them to consume both milk and honey. The honey also supports adults with its cough easing and throat soothing characteristics.

The honey, offering a helping hand to parents in cold winter days in ever increasing common cold and coughing spells, also contributes to oral and dental health. As well as strengthening dental and bone structure, the honey helps with oral hygiene with its antibacterial characteristics.

As the children start a day dynamically with the energy obtained from honey, the honey consumed in correct amounts is an ideal source of nutrition to provide the energy in a balanced way, needed by the children throughout the day.