Balparmak products are packaged in the Altıparmak production facilities, established on a 28,000m2 land with 5,000m2 closed area, under complete safety and high quality principles.

Altıparmak facilities are the largest in Turkey, with an annual processing capacity of 24,000 tons.

This capacity is more or less equivalent to the aggregate sales volume of all packaged honey in Turkey.

Filling and Packaging

The honey, analyzed and filtered in accordance with the international standards, is blended based on our consumer's taste and preferences. The honey, then, is transferred to stainless steel tanks and mixed for homogenization. Samples are taken from three different levels (top, middle, bottom) of the tanks and analyzed again.

The HMF and diastase values are measured. The honey with positive analyze results are transferred to the filling machinery in a closed piping system, packed accordingly.